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Abba’s Arm

We all know Michaelangelo’s famous painting depicting the creation of Adam. God the Father is shown reaching out His strong, life-giving right hand, His divine finger touching the humble finger of His creature, His beloved son. Abba imparting His divine…

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The Holiness of Being Me

Leaning on Thomas Merton's ideas of false self and true self, De reflects on the holiness of our lives and the experience of deep peace as we discover our true selves in God.
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A Prayer To Seek God

O Lord my God, Teach my heart this day, where and how to find You. Teach me to seek You, for I cannot seek You unless You teach me, or find You unless You show Yourself to me. Let me…

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To Be Reminded of My Inheritance

Loving God, I am Your Beloved daughter. You called me, You chose me. I know I have been given an abundant inheritance as one of Your own. You desire for me to claim my inheritance, to ask and receive. Although…

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A Prayer to the Perfect Father

Loving Father, Today we lift up all the men to whom You have entrusted the gift of life. We thank You for the men called to physical fatherhood and for spiritual fathers. We thank You for giving us a glimpse…

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A Prayer for Sisterhood

Loving Father, Thank you for the innumerable blessings You have given us in our sisters. To have other women we can connect with, share our faith with, and share our hearts with, is a unique and precious gift. I ask…

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