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Conceived in Darkness

“I just can’t sense Jesus. I cannot feel Him close to me. I don’t sense our relationship sometimes,” I said through tears. “It is because He is supporting you from behind that you cannot see Him.” This is what Mother…

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Reaching a Little Higher

As we pick the "low-hanging fruit" along our faith walk, we begin to reach for those gems we can see, just up a bit higher. I think of the low-hanging fruit as those foundational practices for living our Catholic faith,…

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A Prayer of Christmas Wonder

Glory to the newborn King! Dear God, we are in wonder over Your glorious Incarnation. Thank You for choosing to be born small and needy so that we would not be afraid to come to You in our smallness and…

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A Prayer for Compassion

Dear Heavenly Father, help me to be gentle towards every person I encounter today, in thought, word and deed. May I recognize that others are facing difficult circumstances which I know nothing about. Oh Lord, that others would encounter You…

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