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A Reflection on the Splendor of a Sunrise

Dear God, each day You display the splendor of Your love and creativity through a sunrise. It is the start of a new day and the renewal of Your promises to us. Each day we can begin again as we hope to grow closer to You. As I reflect on one particularly beautiful sunrise from earlier this summer at the beach, I am reminded of how good all of Your creations are. The sky was blue, yellow, pink, and orange, each color adding to the scene much like each unique human adds to our world, bringing something special that only…

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Embracing the Mystery

De reflects on the ways we unconsciously reject our Lord because His ways, His Mercy and His Love do not fit neatly into our self-defined categories or “rules” about life.
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In the Vineyard With Jesus

Our vineyard hearts need the Divine Gardener to keep the weeds and the little foxes from wreaking havoc. De writes about our need for Him to tend to our hearts so our lives will yield good fruit.
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Own Your Belovedness Feat.

Own Your Belovedness

Megan beautifully presents the important challenge of owning our own belovedness and opening our hearts that we might see the belovedness of others, even those who cause us difficulty or annoyance.
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Christ’s Living Roses

Similar to the Aztec culture of Juan Diego's time, far too often today, women allow their dignity and their purity to be sacrificed to 'false gods' - lust, pornography, and other forms of sexual violence.
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Incomprehensible Truth

Jesus is standing waiting for me at the wedding altar in this moment, but He was also there yesterday, last week, two years ago, ten years ago, every day, every moment of my life beginning at my baptism.
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