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Nest in the Depths of God

"Storms have no strength to upset [souls filled with God] even slightly, because there is no strength that can defy God. As the soul detects the storm, she puts the virtues in order, and goes to nest in the inmost depths of God. So, while externally there seems to be a storm, it is completely false – it is then that the soul enjoys more peace, and rests, tranquil, in the bosom of God, just like the fish in the bosom of the sea." - Jesus to Servant of God Luisa Piccarreta We sure are weathering some storms presently; in…

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Together let us be One

The other day I was walking down a long corridor in Brethren Village Retirement Center, going from one elderly massage client to another. As I passed by the door decorations of the sweet Lancaster County residents, I could feel the familiar mode creeping into my mind – thoughts and feelings like, “I just can’t relate to these people – their lives, values, and priorities. The aesthetic of these styles are just not beautiful or inspiring to me. I could never live in here. I do not feel at home in this world.” These sentiments are distancing and isolating, not communing.…

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The Love Challenge

Many years ago as I was being prayed with at a conference, the person praying over me said, "Love. Your vocation is love." I remember thinking, "That's what I am to Well, alright then, this will be so easy! I am pretty loving already!" 🤔 A few months later, at a parish mission, the deacon who was leading deflated my naive little love bubble when he spoke about the verses we heard in the second reading at this weekend's Mass: “Love is patient, love is kind. It is not jealous, it is not pompous, It is not inflated, it…

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The Humility of God

A priest who knew Mother Teresa recounted a simple story of her. He was sitting next to her on a plane. She was looking out the window, and all of a sudden she turned to the priest and said, “The humility of God! The humility of God! God becomes a little bite of food for us to consume. He becomes smaller than we are so we can feed on Him, and He can dwell within us. The humility of God!” Sometimes I experience a deep hunger to serve God. I can feel like I’m not serving Him enough, especially in…

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Sharing Joy and the Messiness

And so, in the midst of my crumbly, fumbly, full, blessed life, Mary came to my side! Mary came through Maria. Standing at the foot of my cross, as we stood together at the foot of each friend’s cross.
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Embracing the Mystery

De reflects on the ways we unconsciously reject our Lord because His ways, His Mercy and His Love do not fit neatly into our self-defined categories or “rules” about life.
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