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Seeing the Suffering of Our Neighbor

I stood in the grocery line and wondered why the cashier was ignoring the customer ahead of me. With her head turned away from us, she was obviously more interested in the conversation happening two aisles over. “Hello!” I thought,…

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Journey of Healing and Becoming

“Will I ever be healed? Maybe I am just too broken.” If you have felt overwhelmed by the depth of your wounds and the shattered pieces of your heart, take courage. Healing truly is possible, for with God nothing is…

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The Invitation

I have lately been contemplating this concept of invitation. When I think back to my childhood… a childhood which was without any formal religion, any sort of prayer life or any familial teachings in the way of Christ, I am…

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At Home… in Nazareth

Allow the Holy Family's homestead of perfect love to become your interior homestead. At any moment of the day we can rest interiorly, in the presence of Jesus, Mary and Joseph. We are welcome in their home.
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Your Heart is My Home

The family of the Holy Trinity desires that we create a spiritual home within our hearts where They may abide. What comfort and joy this brings to our troubled souls to know that we have a true home deep within us that as St. Catherine of Siena said we are to carry with us always. Wherever we may go, whatever the atmosphere we must live in, we can always be at home with Jesus.
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own your belovedness feat.

Own Your Belovedness

Megan beautifully presents the important challenge of owning our own belovedness and opening our hearts that we might see the belovedness of others, even those who cause us difficulty or annoyance.
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Choice in Trials

Every crisis is a chance to grow... – Father Jacques Philippe. De shares reflections on trials, suffering and the choices we make that lead to interior peace or interior angst.
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