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The Paradox of Love

There exists a dichotomy in regard to our relationships to other persons. While we are all infinitely complex and unique, we are, simultaneously, infinitely the same. Just as we have complex lives with an incalculable number of details that only…

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From the Hand of Our Lady

It was my youngest daughter’s 3rd birthday when I first learned that my husband was committing adultery. Despite the pain and horror that surrounded my family in the coming months, I was determined to fight for my marriage. I knew…

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A Prayer of Surrender

The fog was thick that New Year’s Eve as we drove my daughter to the psychiatric unit for the 3rd time. She’d spent the last four days on a steady drip trying to save her liver after her midnight snack…

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Remembering Who I Am

Into the lonely night I walk, searching for love unknown. The night, like wool, surrounds the silence of this moment. Tears unshed, fill up in me and slowly overflow. I long for love to hold me and stop the aching emptiness.
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The Fragrance Prayer

Dear Jesus, help me to spread Your fragrance everywhere I go. Flood my soul with Your spirit and life. Penetrate and possess my whole being so utterly, That my life may only be a radiance of Yours. Shine through me,…

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A Prayer to be a Garden

Cultivate joy, Holy Spirit, make my heart into your garden. Dig deeply, dig boldly, and dig freely. I resolve to put nothing in the way of Your cultivation. Weed and prune my heart as You desire. Water and cultivate my…

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