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Divine Mercy and Mary, Mother of Mercy

Throughout the centuries and even before the birth of St. Faustina, our Lord has been sending us the message that Mercy is His greatest attribute. Repeatedly, He has told Saints and sent Mary, Mother of Mercy, to plead with us to trust in His Merciful Love and to be merciful to others. Mercy is the key that unlocks all our hearts, even those hearts most hardened by sin and disbelief in a loving God. The wounds we inflict on one another necessitate a mercy far beyond what our weak and impure human hearts can muster. And so, we must continually…

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Via Lucis: The Way of Light

Blessed Easter to each of you! Isn't it awesome that our Church celebrates the Resurrection for 50 days (Easter Sunday through Pentecost) after our 40-day Lenten fast? Our Lord shall not be out done in generosity! During Lent, you may have prayed the Stations of the Cross (Via Crucis), where, through 14 stations, we walk with Christ and meditate upon His passion and death, from His arrest through His being laid in the tomb. In this post, I want to share with you the next 14 stations, called the Paschal Way of the Light or Via Lucis. The stations of…

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Healing the Roots of Sin

We are now two weeks into Lent 2022. How is it going for you? Honestly, it took me a while to land on the particular fast our Lord was asking of me this season. There was the obvious fast from food and other material comforts, but I sensed He was pointing me towards a more meaningful interior fast as well. I read an Instagram post where a priest called for a fast from sin and I thought, well duh, aren’t we trying to do that all the time, regardless of the Liturgical season?! The Lord stirred up the question in…

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Beauty and Intimacy with God

Brutal. The only word to describe that interchange between my spouse and me years ago. A lifetime of unexamined wounds punching hard, my tender places receiving their blows... I was in tatters, grieving past all grief. With the lens the Theology of the Body has given me, I have words for that agony: when the rocket engines of spousal union which were designed to point us to heaven are inverted, they point us to hell. Hell it was. My heart was in shreds. I finally fell off to sleep in the basement where we had escaped after supper to assure…

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A Map for Life’s Journey

...Ignatius’ Spiritual Exercises help us navigate the treacherous terrain of “desolation,” which is where the “You are here” pin would land in times of spiraling emotions, as spoken of above. The Spiritual Exercises also provide important insights and directions for times of “consolation.”
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His Heart, our Home

Marian shares Jesus' 12 promises for those who carry devotion to His Sacred Heart. “I set neither limit nor measure to my gifts of grace for those who seek them in My Heart.”
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