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Reaching a Little Higher

As we pick the "low-hanging fruit" along our faith walk, we begin to reach for those gems we can see, just up a bit higher. I think of the low-hanging fruit as those foundational practices for living our Catholic faith,…

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A Curly Willow Tree from God

Two weeks ago, I was driving through the countryside. It was a perfect sparkler of a day; the green golden corn stalks were breezing against the azure sky. Everything was invigorating. I had my windows down and music pumping. As…

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Intercessors with Jesus

How easily the words "I will keep you in my prayers" can slip out of my mouth when I am moved by the need of another. Not that those words are insincere, but my good intentions intersecting my distracted mind…

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Litany of Self-Love

Being in a peaceful relationship with myself - and no longer a judgmental and conflict-ridden relationship - has been liberating and transformational. Become your own good companion and supportive ally...
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