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Journeying Beyond Self-Rejection

“The root of man’s joy lies in the harmony he feels with himself. Only one who is at peace with himself can be at peace in the world.” – Pope Benedict XVI Over the past decade or so in healing…

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Whom Do You See In The Mirror?

I have prayed and prayed to see Your loving gaze and for others to see You in my gaze. And as I see my own reflection in this mirror, I wonder, “If I see You, Jesus, in others and others see You in me then maybe could I see You in me?”
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Prayer To Believe God’s Promises

Dear Jesus, thank You for all of the promises You make to Your beloved children. Help me to know throughout my whole being that Your promises are for me! Help me to believe! Lord, I believe that You have a…

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Prayer for Silence

Lord, you come to me in the silence; the silence of that first Christmas and silently within myself each and everyday. Teach me the secret of silence. Help me to balance the time I spend in the exterior world with…

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Prayer to See Myself Clearly

This is a prayer I wrote to be prayed at the January healing retreat. Wanted to share it here as well. Have a blessed Monday! Jesus, thank you for your incredible, boundless love for me. Open the eyes of my…

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A Prayer To Be Kind To Myself

Oh Jesus, I am becoming aware of the hurtful way I speak to myself. I hear me uttering judgments, negativity, and demeaning words to myself and I come to You seeking forgiveness and help. It is a new idea for…

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