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Nest in the Depths of God

"Storms have no strength to upset [souls filled with God] even slightly, because there is no strength that can defy God. As the soul detects the storm, she puts the virtues in order, and goes to nest in the inmost…

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Your Heart is My Home

The family of the Holy Trinity desires that we create a spiritual home within our hearts where They may abide. What comfort and joy this brings to our troubled souls to know that we have a true home deep within us that as St. Catherine of Siena said we are to carry with us always. Wherever we may go, whatever the atmosphere we must live in, we can always be at home with Jesus.
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Prayer For a Gentle Spirit

Heavenly Father, Your word says that a meek and quiet spirit is of great value to You. I find it difficult to humble myself at times, and to let meekness and gentleness guide my words, my behavior. Too many times…

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A Prayer to Be Still In His Presence

Lord, please increase in me the desire for You above everything else, the desire to spend time with You. Give me the grace to be still with You today, even if just for 5-minutes at a time. I need this…

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Feeling New

What does it feel like when you’re new? It’s like your first pair of shoes: squeaky clean and ready to go, but they don’t quite fit yet. It’s like the first snowfall of the season: fresh and unblemished but frigid.…

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Listen for the Voice

My kids talk. A lot. They’re not shy, and they have an overabundance of opinions. They pretty much communicate in some way – words, songs, yelling – from the time they wake up to the time they fall asleep. They…

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