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Christ’s Love is My Analgesic

“My Beloved is a sachet of myrrh lying between my breasts.” The Bridegroom, Song of Songs 1:13 The Cross of my Bridegroom is the sachet of myrrh lying within my heart. I am reminded of this sachet of myrrh every…

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The Love Challenge

Many years ago as I was being prayed with at a conference, the person praying over me said, "Love. Your vocation is love." I remember thinking, "That's what I am to Well, alright then, this will be so easy!…

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A Prayer for Mondays

Oh Jesus, Here we are, You and I, another week. I offer you last week with all of it's joys and sufferings and unfinished to-dos; please give me the grace to let go. [Pause to call these things to mind.…

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