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The Mercy of Kintsugi

There is an ancient Japanese practice called kintsugi (“golden joinery”). In this cultural tradition, when a piece of pottery or dishware breaks, the broken pieces are not thrown out, but glued back together and the cracks are painted in with…

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The Healing Power of Creativity

Our Lord began wooing me with the beauty of art and His boundless gift of creativity when I was a very young girl. At the age of six, my grandmother began teaching me the art and skill of oil paints…

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Ride the Healing Wave

I love my instant pot. I throw in some raw ingredients, seal it tight, press the start button and the heat and pressure build and build until, not long later, those ingredients have been transformed into something wonderful. And then…

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Litany of Self-Love

Being in a peaceful relationship with myself - and no longer a judgmental and conflict-ridden relationship - has been liberating and transformational. Become your own good companion and supportive ally...
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Side by Side, Heart to Heart

Marian shares her desire for each of us to find our home in the wounded and pierced Hearts of Jesus and Mary this new year. May we find our deepest yearnings for intimacy met there.
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Heart to Heart Healing

Jesus allowed Himself to be wounded and opened, creating a safe haven for us to bring our wounded hearts and open to Him. We can snuggle into Him, press our wounded hearts right up against His wounded Heart and tell Him everything.
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