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Christ’s Love is My Analgesic

“My Beloved is a sachet of myrrh lying between my breasts.” The Bridegroom, Song of Songs 1:13 The Cross of my Bridegroom is the sachet of myrrh lying within my heart. I am reminded of this sachet of myrrh every…

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In the Vineyard With Jesus

Our vineyard hearts need the Divine Gardener to keep the weeds and the little foxes from wreaking havoc. De writes about our need for Him to tend to our hearts so our lives will yield good fruit.
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God’s Love Song

As God creates each human person, He’s singing to us.. a timeless song of true love is engraved, inscribed deep into our hearts by God Himself.
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Prayer to the Bridegroom

Jesus, as Christ the Bridegroom, is a betrothed King; betrothed to His bride, the Church - the people of God. You and me. And He loves each one of us personally, intimately, and unconditionally.
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