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At Home… in Nazareth

Allow the Holy Family's homestead of perfect love to become your interior homestead. At any moment of the day we can rest interiorly, in the presence of Jesus, Mary and Joseph. We are welcome in their home.
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Our Lady of You!

I recently attended a course entitled: “The Marian Mystery and the Theology of the Body.” It was a deep-dive into the wild beauty, tender love, and full fiat of our Blessed Mother. At one point, the instructor, Christopher West, showed…

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Our Lady – Mary, Mystical Rose

I have always had an affinity for flowers. Any flowers… tulips, daisies, pansies, all are my favorites. I enjoy buying them, giving them, receiving them, planting them in my yard and having them in my home. I love the fragrance…

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Advent Silence

Mary and Joseph's journey to Bethlehem likely inclued times of contemplative silence. Sara invites us to consider the importance of this practice in our own lives.
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