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I encountered my faith in a new way and light started to shine on wounds from my past.

I experienced tremendous healing at the retreat.  You have a gift to reach people in their woundedness. Thank you and the team for being so gentle, welcoming and gracious.

The retreat was such a powerful awakening for me. I did not realize the healing it could bring.

I’m basking in God’s goodness and love returning from such a unique time of heavenly fellowship.

You and every member of your team showed me such love and dignity.

This was, by far, the most powerful retreat! To witness the healing and transformation was so moving.

This is such a graced ministry of healing and hope and restoration to our innate, God-given dignity!

At the retreat, God the Father gathered up the broken pieces of my heart that I had been trying to hold together myself all these years. He went directly to the source of my shame and allowed me to feel safe enough to finally bring things that lay hidden in my mind and heart for years – that weighed me down my whole life – into the light for healing.

You use your gifts so sacrificially and humbly, yet truly with authority, for the upbuilding of the Kingdom of God.

It was amazing to feel loved by these women, to be united through suffering, and to experience moments where I thought to myself, “This must be what heaven is like.”

The way our bodies, minds, and spirits are all taken into account and led into healing is very special at this retreat. The physical, psychological, and spiritual all come together, providing a profound experience.

I parted with something on the grounds of that retreat that I’m not sure I could have ever done in any other setting (I’ve tried for years). It was so safe.

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