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Ready for Love Masterclass

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Print the worksheets and watch the video teaching for a self-paced deeper dive into healer your heart wounds.

Video Password = healing

Video Password = healing

Print the worksheets and watch the video teaching for a self-paced deeper dive into healer your heart wounds.

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Inner Sanctuary Meditation

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Coach Me Videos

Coach Me Videos

Short videos to share insights from our coaching work: tips and truths for moving with the Lord into deeper healing and freedom.

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What People Are Saying

I had a transformative experience is our first coaching session, that is still rippling through. There is so much love and gentle mercy pouring into my heart from Jesus like a wellspring that I had unknowingly closed with my doubt of His greatness to reach me in my sorrows.

Thank you so much for your guidance. I can’t imagine sorting through these emotions without your calm reassurance.

Your coaching was valuable and transformational for me, and I know without a shadow of a doubt that God used our time together for His glory. I am still experiencing freedom and breakthroughs because of your guidance. I will forever be thankful for your time and care.

I encountered my faith in a new way and light started to shine on wounds from my past.

I experienced tremendous healing at the retreat.  You have a gift to reach people in their woundedness. Thank you and the team for being so gentle, welcoming and gracious.

To have my pain and wounds understood and validated was priceless and extraordinary. It still chokes me up.

The relative ease with which the words came, and the release after having read them, were surprising and unexpected.

I was so grateful for De and Betsy’s wisdom and love.

The Sacred Story group was so beautiful. Right away, I felt comfortable in a way I never do anywhere else.

Thank you for your vulnerability and courage to share your hearts with me.

I know that the time is a huge commitment, but it was one of the best things I’ve ever done for myself or my family.

The retreat was such a powerful awakening for me. I did not realize the healing it could bring.

I’m basking in God’s goodness and love returning from such a unique time of heavenly fellowship.

You and every member of your team showed me such love and dignity.

This was, by far, the most powerful retreat! To witness the healing and transformation was so moving.

This is such a graced ministry of healing and hope and restoration to our innate, God-given dignity!

At the retreat, God the Father gathered up the broken pieces of my heart that I had been trying to hold together myself all these years. He went directly to the source of my shame and allowed me to feel safe enough to finally bring things that lay hidden in my mind and heart for years – that weighed me down my whole life – into the light for healing.

You use your gifts so sacrificially and humbly, yet truly with authority, for the upbuilding of the Kingdom of God.

It was amazing to feel loved by these women, to be united through suffering, and to experience moments where I thought to myself, “This must be what heaven is like.”

The way our bodies, minds, and spirits are all taken into account and led into healing is very special at this retreat. The physical, psychological, and spiritual all come together, providing a profound experience.

I parted with something on the grounds of that retreat that I’m not sure I could have ever done in any other setting (I’ve tried for years). It was so safe.

Each talk stirred up my heart in places I would have avoided on my own and not addressed, but you gently took me to those places.

I have a beautiful image now imprinted in my heart of God the Father and His Love for me. At the retreat, I was freed from something that has burdened me since I was a little girl.

I want you to know that God used you to open my heart to Him in a very intimate and safe space.

The presence of the Holy Spirit was palpable! What a gift. Thank you.

I felt the Holy Spirit among us and that through De’s talk, prayers and adoration I was able to hear God’s voice within me. Thank you!

Your witness to faith and perseverance is indeed incredibly inspiring. I have learned so much from you!

I am in awe of your selfless, holy work in this ministry.

I had no idea I would ever encounter a journey like this to begin to heal and feel some hopefulness instead of hopelessness.

Oh the retreat was beautiful & healing & consoling for my lonely soul!

I feel closer to Jesus and His loving mercy and grace. Thank you for sharing your gift of insight, listening and healing.

I am still feeling so filled with gratitude and peace from this weekend’s retreat and all the beautiful women who ministered to us and all the brave women who came to bear their wounds and hearts.

Your prayers flow so spontaneously from my experience and are just beautiful. You have a true gift!

I am amazed at how you are able to put into words the jumble of thoughts in my mind!

I am growing from a place of shame and guilt to a place of kindness and respect for myself.

My coach is amazing! Our sessions have been so fruitful for me and for my family.

My coach is able to get right to the core of the issues, and she challenges me in a genuine and loving way.

Together we’ve created this awesome connection that helps me feel unafraid to face any situation!

Coaching with you has opened up a whole new way to view myself and my relationships; no longer through the lens of shame and judgement.

Wisdom, grace and gentle guidance – all words I would use to describe you. Grateful to be a part of it!

Thank you for being an open vessel through which the Lord’s love flows so beautifully.

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