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Authentic Sisterhood led by the Holy Spirit

Authentic Sisterhood
led by the Holy Spirit

Upcoming Meeting Dates: Jan 29, Feb 12, Feb 26, March 11, March 25

Schedule & Structure

We meet bi-weekly on Wednesday evenings from 8:15pm-9:15pm ET. We meet via video conference (instructions  to the right).
Upcoming meeting dates: Jan 29, Feb 12, Feb 26, March 11, March 25
We follow this basic meeting structure:

  • Opening Prayer
  • Opening Praise & Worship Song
  • Thanksgiving
  • Intergenerational Healing Rosary
  • Quiet Time
  • Closing Prayers: Our Father, St. Michael Prayer

We use the book titled, “Intergenerational Healing Rosary” by Father Gustavo E. Jamut, OMV for our rosary prayers. Here is a description of the book “Using biblical texts and appropriate prayers within the context of the Holy Rosary, the booklet shows us how to pray for family healing and liberation going back to 15 generations of our maternal and paternal bloodlines.“ If desired, booklets may be purchased here for $5.00 each.

Group Etiquette
  1. Please connect to our zoom calls using a headset or ear buds. This greatly reduces any feedback on the line and minimizes outside distractions.
  2. Feel free to invite friends to come and be with you in person, and together you can join our video room! Please note that at this time, we want to build intentional sisterhood and therefore the prayer meeting will be for women only.
  3. We ask that everyone keep their line muted when you are not speaking. Feel free to unmute yourself to offer appropriately throughout the meeting (i.e.: to say what you are thankful for during our time of thanksgiving).
  4. When we are praying the rosary, we will ask for group members to lead each decade. Keep in mind you will need a copy of the Intergeneration Healing Rosary booklet in order to lead a decade.
  5. Similarly, we will ask for different group members each week to lead the closing prayers (Our Father and St. Michael Prayer)
  6. Please share this information with all the women in your life!
How to Connect to Video Room

I will open the zoom room at about 8:10pm. When you’re ready to join, click on the link below. Please connect using ear buds. It helps to reduce background noise.

Once connected to the dashboard, you’ll need to join the audio portion of our call. See instructions below:

If joining from your phone:

  1. In the bottom left corner, you should see two options: “Call via Device Audio” and “Dial in.”
  2. Choosing “Call via Device Audio” will automatically connect you to the audio portion of the zoom chat. I recommend trying this option first. If for some reason it doesn’t work, you can dial the phone number manually (see next step).
  3. If you choose “Dial In” you’ll see a few options of phone numbers. Click on the number you want to dial. Your phone should automatically dial the number. Once connected you’ll need to enter the meeting ID followed by the pound or hashtag symbol. Meeting ID is 614-368-635

If joining from your computer:

  1. A menu should pop up, as in the screenshot below. At the top you can choose “Phone Call” or “Computer Audio.”
  2. Phone Call: Using your telephone, dial one of the provided phone numbers. Once connected you’ll need to enter the meeting ID followed by the pound or hashtag symbol. Meeting ID is 614-368-635.
  3. Computer Audio: Click the green button in the middle that says “Join with Computer Audio.”

If you do not see yourself on camera, check to be sure your video camera is enabled. Scroll over the dashboard and you’ll see the video camera icon in the bottom left. If it has a red line (slash) through it, click it to turn on your camera. Please text me if you have any connection troubles: 610.287.2989.

Questions & Answers

Q1: If I join the prayer group, do I have to come to every meeting? (come when you can)
A1: No, just come when you can! We will be in the zoom room every other Wednesday evening.

Q2: Do I have to talk or pray out loud?
A2: No. We will ask for volunteers each meeting to lead certain prayers, for those who would like to do so.

Q3: Do I have to be on video / turn my camera on?
A3: No. Once connected to the prayer meeting through the zoom link, you have the option to turn your camera on. If you do so, we will be able to see you (which would be wonderful!), and if you prefer, you may keep your camera turned off.

Please feel free to send any other questions you may have to me directly at

We’ll see you there!

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