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We receive many requests of us each day, whether from an employee, a co-worker, or a family member. What habits exist around how we respond to requests upon our time? When do we say yes when we mean no? Where are we succumbing to cultural pressures to give an immediate response to every text or email we receive? In this episode, De and Jackie share thoughts on responding to others in ways that are authentic, genuine, and honoring to the relationship. The 4th P is Permission…


If I didn’t push pause on those automatic thoughts, I wouldn’t have been able to respond, I would have been reacting. Share on X
Permission happens in the way we’re speaking to ourselves. We stop the ‘shoulds’ & ‘should nots’, and give ourselves permission to pause and breathe. Share on X

Worksheet: The 4th P is Permission  Worksheet
Download the worksheet here.

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