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There are so often times when we are triggered by something in our outer world and we think it’s the other person making us angry, when in fact, it’s really that we’re seeing a part of ourselves reflected by that person. And this part of ourselves represents something that we have a hard time being with (i.e.: judgment, criticism, victim-mentality, etc). Welcome to the phenomenon called projection!
An important step on our journey is becoming aware of projection and how it works, so we can begin to notice our projections and do the work of owning them.

Worksheet: Learning about my Projections
Download the worksheet here.

Projection is my own stuff coming up: being revealed, so it can be reviewed and then healed. Share on X
I know enough about myself to say that if I see it out there, I must have it in here- if you spot it, you got it. Share on X

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