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Triggers. We’ve all got em. Sometimes we are triggered by what someone else says or does, and more often than not, we get triggered as a result of our own thoughts or behaviors. De and Jackie talk about being triggered and what is actually happening in our brains and in our bodies in those triggering moments. They share an alliteration to help us relieve the trigger and return to a responsive – as opposed to reactive – frame of mind.

Resources mentioned in this episode:
Book: Your Brain at Work by David Rock
Article: SCARF Model by David Rock
Video: De presents Responsiveness vs. Reactivity at a women’s leadership conference.

Worksheet: Practice for Relieving Triggers & Regaining Responsiveness
Download the worksheet here.

The only thing I can control is my response, my attitude, my perspective; what I make this mean. Share on X
Curiosity is such a great tool and competency to boost the health and well-being of relationships. Share on X
Pausing, gaining my presence, presenting with intention keeps the space between us clean and clear. Share on X

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