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In this episode we talk about the practice and the gift of Self Compassion. Through compelling personal stories, we reveal the importance of being in compassionate and affirming relationship with oneself. Through the process we share you’ll learn to:

  1. Observe with compassion how you are relating to yourself.
  2. Speak with more kindness to yourself (Be-Friend yourself).
  3. Replace the unwarranted self talk with something more gentle, acknowledging what is and realizing you’re on the road to recovering the right relationship with yourself!

Download the worksheet below and give it a try!

NOTE: We experienced technical issues with the recording, which you’ll hear beginning about 10-minutes in. We made the decision, as the content of this episode is so important, to publish it anyway. We hope you will bear with us through the “ticking and clicking!”

Resources mentioned in this episode:
Book: “Untethered Soul” by Michael Singer
Mariah Fenton-Gladis and the Pennsylvania Gestalt Center: Ted Talk and Facebook Page

Worksheet: Practice for Becoming more Self Compassionate
Download the worksheet here.

The ultimate in compassion-giving to ourselves is acceptance. ‘All of me accepts all of you.’ Share on X
An integrated life is a whole life. A life where you accept all the parts of yourself. Share on X

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