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De teams up with long-time friend and leadership coach colleague, Jackie Lesser, in this honest, authentic podcast called, “ReThinking Leadership, Serving Fresh Ideas over Coffee“. The podcast was originally created for De and Jackie to share their insights and stories with their leadership coaching clientele. The content is  relevant to our work at You Are Made New Ministry, so we’ve made it available here as well.

De and Jackie talk about topics that must be talked about, like self-compassion, understanding our projections, being fully present, taking responsibility for the meaning making, embracing the truth of who we are and many other edgy topics for our life, love, and leadership.

Listen through our published episodes by clicking the links below. Fill out the form below to receive new episodes direct to your inbox!

Episode 16, Creative, Resourceful and Whole

We tend to move in habitual patterns in our relationships and we treat each other based on the patterns we’ve learned. Listen now to Episode 16 for a fresh, foundational perspective that is an essential choice you can make immediately and upgrade the quality of all your relationships.  Subscribe…

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Episode 14, Curiosity

Subscribe to ReThinking Leadership Podcast on iTunes or Google Play!  Are you struggling with a person that feels hard to be with? Take a look at the story you tell yourself and break free from the patterns that keep the relationship in status quo. What are your assumptions about…

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Episode 13, Understanding Our Collusion

Subscribe to ReThinking Leadership Podcast on iTunes or Google Play!  In this episode, we explore our part in creating or contributing to the reality in which we find ourselves. Consider the 'self-fulfilling prophecy:' We see others in a certain way (i.e.: negative, smart, unhelpful...) and then treat them accordingly.…

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Episode 12, Self Care for Peace

Subscribe to ReThinking Leadership Podcast on iTunes or Google Play!  Have you ever been in a situation where you’re feeling perfectly peaceful and something happens, someone says or does something that knocks you right out of your peaceful place and into pissed off or panic? Listen now to Episode…

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Episode 11, The 3 Bs of Navigating Change

Subscribe to ReThinking Leadership Podcast on iTunes or Google Play!  Why does change feel so hard? In the last episode De & Jackie talked about what happens in our bodies and brains when we change feels threatening in any way. In this episode, De & Jackie share what is…

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Episode 10, What Makes Change So Difficult

Subscribe to ReThinking Leadership Podcast on iTunes or Google Play!    Change can be difficult and the level of difficulty often has to do with our psychology as well as our physiology. Change actually triggers fight or flight responses in the brain’s chemistry. In this episode, De and Jackie…

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Episode 9, The Need to Be Right

 We each have a normal human need to feel that we are valued, that we are making a contribution, that our ideas are listened to. When this healthy need begins to become unhealthy, or toxic to our relationships, is when I satisfy my ‘need to be right’ by making…

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Episode 8, The Fourth P is Permission

We receive many requests of us each day, whether from an employee, a co-worker, or a family member. What habits exist around how we respond to requests upon our time? When do we say yes when we mean no? Where are we succumbing to cultural pressures to give an immediate…

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Episode 7, I Don’t Know What Anything is For

In this episode, Jackie shares the story that led to her mantra for navigating the uncertainty of life’s journey. Worksheet: Learning to Be Where My Feet Are Download the worksheet here.

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Episode 6, Projection Part 1

There are so often times when we are triggered by something in our outer world and we think it’s the other person making us angry, when in fact, it’s really that we’re seeing a part of ourselves reflected by that person. And this part of ourselves represents something that we…

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Episode 5, Triggers and the Three Ps

Triggers. We’ve all got em. Sometimes we are triggered by what someone else says or does, and more often than not, we get triggered as a result of our own thoughts or behaviors. De and Jackie talk about being triggered and what is actually happening in our brains and in…

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Episode 4, Overcoming Overwhelm

 We all face overwhelm. Whether it's tackling something new or having too much to do in too little time, overwhelm comes in a variety of ways for a variety of reasons. When you are overwhelmed, your panic button is set off. And overwhelm effects your body, mind and spirit.…

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