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Self-paced learning and reflection, in community.

Our classroom contains mini-teachings that we call “Freedom Work,”  the focus of which is…well…freedom. From old habits of mind, habits of emotion, unsupportive self-talk, negative self-perception, and more. The teachings are a combination of videos, individual exercises, and community sharing tools. Available to you at no cost.

Preview our teaching, “The Anxiety Experiment, Part 1”:

Watch the video snippet:

Download the worksheet:

The first step is to set up your free account. Your free account gets you access to:

– 5 free video teachings (more coming soon).
– Downloadable self-reflection worksheets.
– Community Forum to share your journey with your sisters in Christ

Click the image below or go to and set up your free account. Detailed instructions for creating your account can be found below the image.

Instructions for creating an account at the Made New Classroom:

  1. Go to the classroom at:
  2. Click the tan Login button in the top right corner of your screen.
  3. At the next screen, follow the steps to create a new account, which begin under the heading “Is this your first time here?” After completing the steps, you will be logged in to the classroom.
  4. To access any of the free teachings under the “Freedom Work” heading, simply click anywhere on the corresponding image.
  5. Be sure to visit our “Sisterhood Forum” and introduce yourself to the community and/or post a prayer request!

Coming Soon…

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