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Made New Online Classroom

Self-paced learning and reflection, in community.

We like to think of each class as an online retreat, and our classroom as your sacred haven at home.

Check back here often, as we’re adding new classes throughout 2018!

Our first online retreat is Transformed!

Do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewal of your mind, so that you may discern what is the will of God — what is good and pleasing and perfect.” – Romans 12:2

Transformed is entirely based on the above verse from the book of Romans. We all have patterns in our thinking: habits of mind and habits of emotion. Some of our mental and emotional habits may be helpful and useful to us. Other habits are not helpful or useful. For example, you may know someone who has a habit of seeing the “problem” in any situation; a “glass half empty” perspective. Someone else, may have an emotional habit of feeling hopeless. Someone else, a mental habit of thinking self-critical thoughts.

These and other negative and unloving habits of mind or emotion do not have to be our continued experience. Through the video conversations, reflection exercises, prayers, and other activities in the Transformed retreat, we will gain new awareness and new tools for living in deeper alignment with God’s Truth and with His plan for us.

How does that sound to you? This is life-changing stuff ladies! Our God has created us to live FREE and unbound. And He has provided truths and tools to help us walk in that freedom. Take a look at the trailer below…

What will you will encounter during your Transformed! online retreat?


One of the world’s great lies is of Isolation. But our God is a God of Communion. Take part in Transformed and realize that our journeys share more similarities than we would ever imagine.


The way we feel each day – about ourselves and about others – is perfectly aligned with our unconscious thoughts and beliefs. It’s time to stop, look, and listen – and bring what’s been hidden from ourselves out into the light.


As we shine the light interiorly, we will bravely separate the lies we’ve been carrying around, from the truths God is revealing to us.


Ground yourself daily in Truth by learning to tap into God’s limitless power, which is available to us in every moment.


Receive tools and learn prayers to break the bonds and walk in Freedom.


The bottom line is Peace. Peace in your heart. Peace in your relationships.

Transformed online retreat launches in Spring, 2018. 

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