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Ordinary Time – that’s where we all live, isn’t it?

Have you noticed that ‘ordinary’ can often be equated with ‘less than?’ Have you ever felt that your value was diminished because of your ordinary-ness? You may never have been on a mission trip or written a book, or done anything you would consider extraordinary. Rather than serving as a missionary in foreign countries or writing best-sellers, you may be busy managing family schedules, preparing meals, folding laundry, or any number of very ordinary things.

You know what’s crazy though? At the center of our faith is the mystery of the Incarnation- God, the most extraordinary being there is, chose to dwell with us, as one of us, in the midst of our ordinary lives. In doing so He blesses and sanctifies each and every ordinary work of ours that is done with love.

Throughout the year the Catholic Church cycles through liturgical seasons, following along with the life and ministry of Christ and His church. While we may focus very intentionally on times of preparation- Advent and Lent, and take joy in celebrating feasts like Christmas and Easter,  most of the liturgical year is called Ordinary Time. These seasons of Ordinary Time are represented by the color green: green altar cloths, green vestments; green to remind us that this is the growing time, the time where we learn to live out our call to love in all of its ordinary-ness.

The goal of the Life in Ordinary Time portion of this ministry is to provide space for reflection,  prayer, and support so we can journey together, intentionally and lovingly, through our Ordinary Time, toward holiness and Heaven. And that, sisters, is anything but ordinary!

Inviting Grace into our Ordinary Time, together
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