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Life in the Spirit


The Transformative Virtual Conference to unleash the power of the Holy Spirit in our lives!

Watch the session recordings of our 2020 Conference

Watch the session recordings from our 2020 Conference!

Keep Growing in the Spirit

Attend a weekly Charismatic Prayer Meeting. Click the link below to download the list of prayer groups.

List of Recommended Prayer Groups


The books pictured below are suggested reading for continued growth in the Spirit.

Watch the Session Recordings

Week 1, Introduction
with Kathleen McCarthy


Week 2, God’s Love
with Maria Richardson


Week 3, Salvation
with Father Steve DeLacy


Week 4, The New Life
with Kathleen McCarthy


Week 5, Receiving God’s Gift
with Maria Richardson

Receiving God's Gift

Week 6, Baptism of the Spirit
with Father Steve DeLacy
& Archbishop Nelson J. Perez

Baptized in the Spirit image

Week 7, Growth
with Kathleen McCarthy


Week 8, Transformation
with Gloria Domino

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