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There is an integral connection between creativity and healing.

God gifts each of us with some form of creativity with the hope that we will discover our unique talents and use them on our path to healing and wholeness.

We are thrilled to partner with Laura Ercolino, artist and founder of Bloom & Create Designs LLC (and De’s sister). Along her journey, Laura has discovered that the artistic process is not only a way to emotional and spiritual growth but it is also a form of prayer, meditation, and relaxation. Laura is excited to share her art and other healing resources as she accompanies you on your journey towards wholeness. It is her hope and prayer that by exploring your own creative power, you will deepen your relationship with Jesus, our Creator and Healer.

Watch for upcoming healing retreats, which will include “art healing sessions” with Laura!

A Note from Laura

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all men and women are entrusted with the task of crafting their own life: in a certain sense, they are to make of it a work of art, a masterpiece…

– St. John Paul II, Letter to Artists

God speaks to each of us in the language He knows our hearts will understand best– for some it is words, for others music, and others, visual art. The number of languages God speaks is as numerous as there are souls.

For me, the act of using artistic mediums, (such as paint, colored pencils, collage, or clay) to create a beautiful expression of my difficult emotions, traumatic memories, and wounds is therapeutic and life-giving. After two years of using art and creativity in my personal therapy, I am still surprised to see the healing power of God made visible in my artwork.

I have experienced the truth that the healing is in the process, not necessarily the outcome. Sometimes, I push aside the “rules” including the idea that I must create “something”, that I must end up with a final product. I allow the creative process to become my prayer, a dialogue with my Creator. This provides a safe space where God speaks to my heart in the language of colors and images and I respond with my most authentic voice. In these moments, I experience inner peacefulness and a respite from “doing”.

I believe God inspires my creative endeavors. Through art and creativity, He is turning ashes into beauty and making me new. I hope my artwork brings a message of hope, healing, and beauty to you. More importantly, I pray that sharing my story of the healing power of art will inspire and empower you to discover for yourself God’s gift of creativity and how He wants you to use it on your healing journey. God is the true Artist inviting us to make a masterpiece of our lives and He creates with crayons and play-doh just as well as oil paints and canvases!

Laura’s Portfolio

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