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Other than my relationship with God, my relationship with myself is the most important relationship I will ever have. Think about it this way…other than God, I am the only constant, consistent presence in my own life. I go with me everywhere, everyday, all the time! Am I journeying along with someone who judges me harshly, criticizes me often, and speaks unkindly to me? Or am I journeying along with a supportive companion and compassionate ally?

Which one would you rather journey along with? Which one will you be for yourself?

Relationship With Me Starter Pack

In this free download, you’ll receive three items to help you:

  • become more familiar with the relationship you currently have with yourself
  • practice speaking in a supportive way to yourself everyday
  • grow in self-acceptance and self-compassion

Here’s what you’ll receive:

  • 5-minute audio visualization in which you meet with yourself, sitting alongside and simply noticing details about yourself and your self-relationship that you may have never noticed before.
  • Reflection worksheet to process your visualization experience and an exercise for moving forward.
  • Self-Supportive Conversation Starter Card, to print and refer to each morning, beginning your day in supportive dialogue with you.
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