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NEW! Healing Prayer Printables

Healing Prayer Printables

Download prayers of healing and restoration. Beautifully formatted to evoke peace and hope. Click here.

Self-Supportive Relationship with Me

Self-Supportive Relationship with Me

Fostering a compassionate and supportive relationship with oneself is an essential life skill. Learn more with our “Relationship with Me Starter Pack.”

Wallpaper with Love

Wallpaper with Love

Hand painted images, favorite scripture verses, beautiful reminders of our Truth – sized to fit your laptop, ipad/tablet, and phone. You’ll find our wallpaper downloads here.

Affirmations for our Kids

Receiving our encouragement and unconditional support is crucial for helping our children foster a healthy inner conversation.
Click here to see our affirmation cards for different age groups: Grade K-4, Grade 5-8, Teens/Young Adults

Hand-painted Mary Portrait

Hand-painted Mary Portrait

Set this peaceful image as your phone wallpaper or lock screen here!

A Quiet Moment with Jesus

Spend an Quiet Moment with Jesus

This beautiful guided meditation will lead you through an intimate encounter with our Lord. “Download the 12-minute audio recording and reflection worksheet here.”

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