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Over and over again, women ask us: “Why isn’t anyone talking about this?” This being the struggles, the pain, the uncertainty, the mistakes, the feelings of unworthiness, and other difficult realities of life in ordinary time. So, let’s talk about it!

Join us for ‘Sisterhood Chats,’ where we talk about what matters most: relationships, self-compassion, belonging, Jesus, and much more.

December’s Chat: Mary Garden Showers, an interview with Kaitlyn Mason
December’s Chat: Mary Garden Showers, an interview with Kaitlyn Mason

Mary Garden Showers is an Apostolate of the Catholic Church that seeks to empower and encourage women in crisis pregnancies. From their website:
“We believe that providing love and support through a shower assists the mother in celebrating the joy of motherhood and the new life that God has given her to love.

Our goal is for mothers to connect with the soul of this ministry – an outpouring and showering of Christ’s love and mercy. We also want to encourage women to follow the wonderful example of Mary, who chose to love and give life to Jesus.

We believe that if you love the mother, she will have the love she needs to love her baby.”

Visit their website at:

Watch the interview now and learn more about this beautiful ministry!

Below are answers to the questions I asked Kaitlyn in the video:

Where are your current chapters, so viewers in those areas can get involved? – This site lists the specific churches where we have active chapters. Here are the cities where we are currently located:
– Charlotte, NC (one active, one coming soon)
– New Albany, OH
– Indianapolis, IN (two active)
– Pope Field, NC
– Oak Grove, MN
– Asheboro, NC (coming soon)

Additional information about how you can get involved is found on that page. See the Contact page there to reach out to them about starting a chapter in your area!

How can we receive information about upcoming showers?
Join their newsletter list here:

When showers are shared, through the newsletter or on their website, that’s a great time to send a card, letter or gift to the church location!

We do have an upcoming shower at our St. Thomas Aquinas chapter this month (December 2018), but are not able to advertise it yet (due to privacy restrictions at the moment). Please send letters, cards, or gifts to our St. Thomas Aquinas Chapter address to support this sweet mother & baby!

Replay past Chats at your convenience:

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