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I used to believe that:

  • Being independent meant that I could not ask for help.
  • I should be able to handle all the responsibilities and demands of life on my own.
  • Nobody wants to be bothered with my “problems.”

Allowing these lies to influence my behavior and inform my self-talk led to a life rich with stress, anxiety, angry outbursts, and loneliness. And depleted of authenticity, intimate friendships, and meaningful, truthful connection with other women. I was enslaved.

So you are no longer a slave, but God’s child. – Galatians 4:7

As I’ve grown older, I’ve realized how much I need meaningful connection with other women. For a good many years of my life I evolved through a slow transition from “independent woman” to “woman who gets by with a LOT of help from her friends!”

This doesn’t mean that I am no longer able to be independent or that I am not capable and competent. I am all of those things. And there is more. The truth is, I have struggles. Sometimes I have no idea what to do. I make mistakes; sometimes, big mistakes. I need your support. And you need mine.

Working together in small groups, we support one another as we:

  • Free ourselves from self-doubt, self-criticism, and the lie that we are not enough.
  • Recognize the ‘voice of the culture’ and unhook ourselves from unrealistic standards and stereotypes.
  • Free ourselves from the destructive belief that we must DO more, BE more, GIVE more in order to be worthy or valuable.
  • Forgive. Ourselves and perhaps others. So we can stand in true peace and freedom.
  • Remember and re-connect with God’s amazing truth of who we already ARE.

6 Freedom Habits we will cultivate together:

    1. Lean on the Lord, everyday! Cultivate a rich personal prayer life.
    2. Foster a supportive and affirming relationship with yourself.
    3. Recognize the disempowering words and messages that hold you captive; thoughts of what you “should be doing”, “are supposed to do, be, think”, etc.
    4. Break free of perfectionism, unrealistic expectations, and cultural standards that we judge ourselves against.
    5. Live in the present. Live free from regret, self-criticism, and judgment over what has past. Live free from worry and anxiety over what is to come.
    6. Nurture and take care of yourself: physically, emotionally, spiritually.

Gather 2-3 of your favorite women and experience the transformational power of group coaching!

  • Bi-weekly small group coaching sessions, 90-minutes each. We meet virtually using video conferencing. Group size limited to 4 women.
  • Each session includes a 10-15 minute teaching, followed by coaching.
  • Each woman receives individual coaching, in the group setting, every other session.
  • Relevant exercises and teachings to help you step most fully into the freedom you desire.
  • A non-judgmental, compassionate ally who is here for the sole reason of supporting you in your learning, growing, and your FREEDOM!

Payable in full or monthly. Rates listed above are per person. A minimum of 3 women is required to receive these group rates.

Have questions? Not sure what to expect from coaching or if it is the answer you’re looking for? Before you decide, you are welcome (encouraged even) to schedule a free sample coaching session with me. Coaching, like any important relationship in your life, is most powerful when you experience a heart-connection, a sense of safety and trust. And when you feel fully seen and accepted. So, let’s get to know each other before we jump into the deep together! Fill out the form below to schedule your sample session.

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Other questions? Prefer to join an existing or newly forming group (rather than form your own)? Contact De directly: by email or by calling: 610.287.2989.

May God bless you with His faithful presence along your journey.

So if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed. – John 8:36

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