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We guide people along their journey of inner healing.

Our coaching services are for individuals desiring:

  • Healing from emotional wounding and the effects of past traumas
  • Understanding of how their woundedness has distorted the lens through which they see themselves and others
  • Growth in their relationship with God; experiencing His abiding presence in new and personal ways
  • Healing encounters with the Lord to bring resolution to unresolved traumatic memories and/or to provide what was missing

Our approach has been shaped by many great saints and spiritual thinkers, including St. John Paul II, St. Ignatius of Loyola and St. John of the Cross.

We’ll move forward together using tools and methods from the fields of Inner Healing Ministry, Life Coaching, Neuroscience, Gestalt Therapy, Internal Family Systems and Spiritual Direction, while standing firmly upon the pillars below.

Pillar 1: In God's Presence

Our work together begins by entering into God’s presence with open hearts, open minds and open hands. We come expectantly, fully confident in our Lord’s desire to lead us into ever-deepening freedom and healing.  Our sessions are a safe place to lift the veil on our hearts, our hurts, our sins, our past…we simply come as we are.

Pillar 2: Identity

Our foundational identity in Christ is Beloved of God. We stand firmly on this truth in our work together.  Oftentimes, an important part of our work involves simply being with the Lord and letting His love sink in deeply. Each time we allow ourselves to receive His immense love, we gain strength to take the next step.

Pillar 3: Wholeness

“Just as our bodies mobilize for healing when we have been physically injured, we can be confident that this same energy for wholeness is expended on wounds of emotion and spirit. We trust our inner process precisely because the Holy Spirit is at work in it, for the drive toward wholeness is written into our very beings by the One who created us.” – Tilda Norberg

What Others Are Saying

I want you to know that God used you to open my heart to Him in a very intimate and safe space.

Your witness to faith and perseverance is indeed incredibly inspiring. I have learned so much from you!

I am in awe of your selfless, holy work in this ministry.

I had no idea I would ever encounter a journey like this to begin to heal and feel some hopefulness instead of hopelessness.

I feel closer to Jesus and His loving mercy and grace. Thank you for sharing your gift of insight, listening and healing.

Your prayers flow so spontaneously from my experience and are just beautiful. You have a true gift!

I am amazed at how you are able to put into words the jumble of thoughts in my mind!

I am growing from a place of shame and guilt to a place of kindness and respect for myself.

My coach is amazing! Our sessions have been so fruitful for me and for my family.

My coach is able to get right to the core of the issues, and she challenges me in a genuine and loving way.

Together we’ve created this awesome connection that helps me feel unafraid to face any situation!

Coaching with you has opened up a whole new way to view myself and my relationships; no longer through the lens of shame and judgement.

Wisdom, grace and gentle guidance – all words I would use to describe you. Grateful to be a part of it!

Thank you for being an open vessel through which the Lord’s love flows so beautifully.

Meet Our Coaches

Ann Armstrong

Ann Armstrong has herself received the abundance of Christ’s promise, and desires to help others know life beyond their challenges, wounds and traumas. Through listening prayer and prayerful counseling she works to make a place for God to encounter those with whom she meets.

“One of the greatest joys and privileges I have is to wait with women [and men] for the transforming, life giving presence of the Trinity to meet them. As we invite Them and do our best to quiet ourselves, They come in ways beyond our imagining, and our lives are forever changed! I pray we may all grow in our desire for and expectancy of the fullness for which we are created!” – Ann

Read Ann’s bio: here and watch an introductory video with her here.

Begoña is a daughter of the Most High, originally from Spain, wife, mother of six young adults and mother-in-law to one beautiful daughter of God (so far). She has experienced the love of God and received healing herself which led her to be trained for inner healing prayer by the John Paul II Healing Center (I AM ministry training) and the Unbound Model (Heart of the Father ministries). Begoña is passionate about helping others come to healing and knowledge of their identity in Christ.

“Through the study of Theology of the Body (Teología del cuerpo) and the Divine Mercy, and through encountering the living Jesus in the Eucharist and prayer, the Lord has revealed a new world of grace and belonging to me, restoring in me the identity of Daughter of the Most High. Now I can say that my heart ‘thirsts for the living God, where can I see the face of God?'”

Elizabeth Leon (Betsy) is a Catholic author, speaker, wife, mother, and grandmother from Ashburn, Virginia and has been a leader in ministry and faith formation for more than twenty-five years. Betsy accompanies women on the Journey of the Beloved to claim their identity as beloved daughters of the King and to find transformation and freedom through healing in Christ. Her coaching draws from the Lord’s restoration and redemption of her own journey through shame, divorce, adultery, abuse, and child loss.

“Jesus has allowed suffering in my life not as a rebuke or punishment, but as an invitation to draw close to His sacred heart. When I open myself completely to the gaze of Jesus, He can do the work of healing, transforming, and restoring me. Our identity is always victorious in Him, but it takes courage to let ourselves be loved and to do the work of tearing down the lies of shame and condemnation. The Lord is always faithful and the power of his presence in the crucible of our suffering is worth everything.” – Betsy

Read Betsy’s bio: here

Bonnie West is a wife, mother, grandmother, hospital chaplain and spiritual mentor. Through the circumstances the Lord has allowed in her own life and the grace of Jesus’ tender remedies for them, she has come to know the riches of His tender love. Her joy is to share His healing heart with those He brings to her.

“How it breaks Jesus’ heart to have us picking up nickels and dimes off the sidewalk when there is a bank vault of treasure He offers us! He lives and moves and has His being within us. He does not disdain our misery, but is madly drawn to it, longing with infinite patience to restore us to our true selves. Let us discover His Heart together! Let us learn to live heaven on earth.” – Bonnie

Read Bonnie’s bio: here

Denise (De) Yarrison is a trauma-informed, Internal Family Systems trained, Catholic inner healing coach, guiding women along the journey to spiritual and emotional freedom. The heart of her work is facilitating healing encounters with the Lord, and with younger parts of themselves, that lead to resolution of early wounding, past traumas and their adverse effects, so we can live more freely in the present.  De has witnessed again and again the healing power of our Lord’s immense Love and His ardent desire to, not only free and restore every one of His children, but to truly make us new.

“I am humbled and privileged to walk alongside my sisters in Christ, to be invited into their stories and life experiences. I pray we will each know – really claim in our bones -how deeply, unconditionally, and extravagantly we are loved by God our Father. May we open ourselves to His love and allow it to change our lives!” – De

Read De’s bio: here

Jenny duBay is a Somatic Trauma-Informed Catholic life coach, narcissistic abuse specialist, Catholic author and speaker. She’s also the founder of Create Soul Space (, a ministry offering Catholic women hope and healing from domestic abuse. Her coaching focuses on restoring a sense of self as it was made imago Dei–in the image of God–through the healing graces of Christ, our Divine Physician and Bridegroom.

“I take Romans 8:28 to heart: ‘And we know that for those who love God all things work together for good.’ As a domestic abuse survivor and now advocate, I know how profoundly domestic abuse and betrayal trauma affect all areas of life—emotional, spiritual, physical, and psychological. My personal journey of healing has fueled my passion to accompany and hold others as they navigate their own healing journeys.” – Jenny

Read Jenny’s bio: here

Marian is owner/founder of, where she offers a presence of compassion through the healing arts of massage therapy, doula support, movement, and music. Marian served as a Con-solatio missionary in Brooklyn, living in a prayerful Catholic community that sought out the lonely, suffering, and abandoned. She continues to serve weekly as a Eucharistic Minister to the homebound. Marian has been formed in Theology of the Body and healing ministry and is grateful to now work with Hope’s Garden and You Are Made New Ministry. It is Marian’s desire to be a little instrument of Mary, to share her tender maternal Heart of consolation, grace, and mercy with each person entrusted to her.

“Our littleness, our weakness, our poverty, and our ache surrendered to our Lord draw down His merciful love and intimate care. Let us trust in His mercy. Let us plunge our wounded, broken selves into the wounded Side of Christ, our healing balm. Let us together glorify His mercy with our little lives embedded in His Sacred Heart, our refuge and forever home.” – Marian

Watch an introductory video with Marian here.

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