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A Map for Life’s Journey

I’ve been feeling hopeless and helpless. I keep thinking that God really doesn’t have a purpose for my life. Why does this feel so hard? When we are in the midst of circumstances that provoke these or similar sentiments, the ensuing emotions can be all consuming and blur our perspective, leading us to focus on our pain. I have sat with many a woman (and been there myself countless times), feeling very fragile and like even the slightest breeze could blow us over the edge into a pit of despair and hopelessness. I want to share some really great news…

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Go to Joe!

On this feast day of St. Joseph the Worker, Marian reveals lots of little known facts about this great patron, Guardian of the Holy Family and of our families.
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The Way of Trust

Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding. Sounds great, but how? Let's learn together from the "trust expert," St. Therese of Lisieux.
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A Prayer of Entrustment to Mary

Most Blessed Mary, Mother of God, you are the Immaculate One, through whom shines the fullness of grace. Here, then, I stand, your daughter, seeking refuge in your motherly protection. Today I entrust to you the future that awaits me, and I ask you to be with me as I go on my way. I wish to take you into my home, that I may learn from you and give my steady and perpetual YES to God. Mary, I humbly seek your intercession with your beloved Son, that He may give me, in abundance, the Holy Spirit, the Spirit of…

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Perseverance Not Perfection

Is there Wiggle Room in Your Prayer Life?

I’ll spare you the boring and highly personal details, but with my doctor’s blessing, I’m eating gluten and dairy free at the moment.  I used to think this gluten stuff was made up.  I mean, gluten-free stuff is highly advertised, widely available, and preposterously overpriced – all hallmarks of the latest fad, right? But when I listened to my friend with celiac disease explaining more about everything she went through before diagnosis, I found some striking similarities with my own life long story.  While I don’t have celiac, after speaking with my doctor, I’m aware that I may have some…

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