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The Womb of My Heart

This year, Advent is the shortest that it can possibly be, with next Sunday being both the fourth Sunday of Advent and Christmas Eve! It hardly seems like we've had enough time to ponder the incredible reality of the Incarnation! The Incarnation…that miraculous moment when God, with all His glory, majesty and divinity, became a tiny embryo and entered humanity through the womb of Mary! St. John Paul the Great called Mary’s womb the first tabernacle; the original meeting place of heaven and earth. Just as Mary gave her yes to receive God’s seed, to nurture and grow His life…

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The Humility in the Outstretched Arms of Jesus

For every Christian, while he remains fully divine, Jesus is the ultimate man. He is the one truly worthy of worship, glory and praise and because of his divinity, the only man perfect and without the stain of sin. “There is none like you, LORD; You are great, and your name is great in might” (Jeremiah 10:6). Yes, Jesus' name is mighty! And he did mighty deeds. In communion with The Father... Turned water into wine. Fed 5,000 people with five loaves and two fish. Resurrected from the dead and redeemed mankind. Jesus had every reason to puff out his…

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At Home… in Nazareth

Allow the Holy Family's homestead of perfect love to become your interior homestead. At any moment of the day we can rest interiorly, in the presence of Jesus, Mary and Joseph. We are welcome in their home.
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Our Neediness is a Nativity

My dear friend sent me an instagram post the other day: "Your neediness is a nativity." Wow. That’s what my heart longs to hear. I know the need is real. Glory be to God that it can be a birth place! Our poverty, our lack, our weakness, the cry of our heart, our deepest ache and need, our longing – this is the place where little Jesus wants to be born this Christmas. This is His manger. Our need, when opened to the Father, becomes the seat of glory, the throne of the living God, the crib for the newborn…

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Called to Be Like Mary, Mother and Bride

Through the seasons of my life as a wife for 29 years and a mother of 9 children, Mary has journeyed with me. In her faithful companionship, I found the tender, wise, prayerful and loving mother my heart and soul longed for. Mary as my heavenly mother was a relationship that grew and blossomed so naturally and effortlessly. And then my journey took an expected and surprising turn and I was introduced to Mary as Bride and Jesus as Bridegroom.  Four years ago, words like bride, bridegroom, and wedding evoked in my mind and heart only images and feelings of…

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