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Our Neediness is a Nativity

My dear friend sent me an instagram post the other day: "Your neediness is a nativity." Wow. That’s what my heart longs to hear. I know the need is real. Glory be to God that it can be a birth place! Our poverty, our lack, our weakness, the cry of our heart, our deepest ache and need, our longing – this is the place where little Jesus wants to be born this Christmas. This is His manger. Our need, when opened to the Father, becomes the seat of glory, the throne of the living God, the crib for the newborn…

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Called to Be Like Mary, Mother and Bride

Through the seasons of my life as a wife for 29 years and a mother of 9 children, Mary has journeyed with me. In her faithful companionship, I found the tender, wise, prayerful and loving mother my heart and soul longed for. Mary as my heavenly mother was a relationship that grew and blossomed so naturally and effortlessly. And then my journey took an expected and surprising turn and I was introduced to Mary as Bride and Jesus as Bridegroom.  Four years ago, words like bride, bridegroom, and wedding evoked in my mind and heart only images and feelings of…

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Advent Silence

Mary and Joseph's journey to Bethlehem likely inclued times of contemplative silence. Sara invites us to consider the importance of this practice in our own lives.
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The Heart of Advent

Similar to Mary and Joseph, I will be asked to see and experience the God of the universe coming to meet me wearing an unlikely disguise. Mary and Joseph met God as a vulnerable infant. You and I will meet God as a simple piece of unleavened bread.
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