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Abiding in the Living Waters

I have just returned from a week-long Living Waters training conference called Sexual Redemption and Integration, at the Theology of the Body Institute. My Mom and I were honored to serve together on the ministry team, a humbling and sacred role of accompanying and praying beside our brothers and sisters…

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Light in the Darkness

“I feel like I’m in hell.” During times of intense suffering, it is not uncommon to hear someone relate their experience to being in hell. In fact, I hear it said often in the course of ministry to those recovering from the effects of traumatic circumstances. Of course, we understand…

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A Slow Love Story

As I have come to understand, everything about God works slowly. His promptings are quiet, His movements are precise and my journey into the heart of Christ, in looking back, has been moving at a snail’s pace. In today’s whirlwind lifestyle of instant gratification, the workings of God may seem…

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Blues Dancing With the Bridegroom

“Wait for the Lord, take courage; be stouthearted, wait on the Lord.” ~ Psalm 27:14 Apparently this “waiting” in the original Greek means “intertwined.” The invitation then is to be intertwined, mingled with the Lord, so that when He runs, we run; when He stops, we stop. It is like…

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The Womb of My Heart

This year, Advent is the shortest that it can possibly be, with next Sunday being both the fourth Sunday of Advent and Christmas Eve! It hardly seems like we've had enough time to ponder the incredible reality of the Incarnation! The Incarnation…that miraculous moment when God, with all His glory,…

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The Humility in the Outstretched Arms of Jesus

For every Christian, while he remains fully divine, Jesus is the ultimate man. He is the one truly worthy of worship, glory and praise and because of his divinity, the only man perfect and without the stain of sin. “There is none like you, LORD; You are great, and your…

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Roses in our Vineyard

Many years ago, when my husband and I were in Germany, we were given a tour of a local vineyard by a very eager and chatty winemaker. He was excited to give us a thorough wine education, including information on soil quality, when to plant and how to prune, determining…

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In the School of the Bridegroom

“Our couch is green; the beams of our house are cedar, our rafters are pine.” Song of Songs 1:17 What a curious Scripture to come to my heart as I gazed upon the crucifix above the tabernacle after daily Mass. As I pondered this and asked Jesus to help me…

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