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Made New Ministry: What will you find here?

The Holy Spirit

The Holy Spirit

He guides everything we do. Through daily personal prayer, a weekly charismatic prayer meeting, and lots of listening, it is our intent and highest aim that anything and everything happening here be led by the Holy Spirit. We pray that the Lord will guide us to use our time and talents in service of His plan and purpose for His glory.

Tools for your Journey

Tools for Your Journey

We love retreats, classes, and events that leave us feeling inspired. And it is super important to us that our retreats, classes, and events also deliver practical tools. Through our “Life in Ordinary Time” offerings as well as our online classroom, we share real tools for real life in ordinary time. That’s where we all live, isn’t it? In ordinary time? We’ll meet you there and journey on together.

Golashes & Flashlights

Golashes & Flashlights

It is typical for us to journey into some messy terrain. We are awed at every opportunity to wade in deep with our sisters in Christ – to those unexplored places within ourselves that may never have been visited before. Arm in arm, we’ll step in and shine the light of Christ, inviting Him to heal our wounds and guide us to Freedom.

Joy in the Adventure

We like to have Fun.

Mucking around in our deeply wounded places may not sound like much fun. What is pretty incredible about our work is that joy and laughter are common experiences here. Encountering one another in authentic ways moves our hearts, fills us with hope, and invites out our joy.



One of our highest priorities is to get to know you and for you to get to know us. Becoming the women who we are created to be takes all of us. Raising our children to become the men and women they are created to be takes all of us. I need your support and encouragement. And you need mine. We learn from one another’s experiences and insights. And we remember that we are never alone. We belong to a Sisterhood. Woohoo! We are family.

Consecration Prayer to our Patroness: Mary, Mother of God

Mary, we consecrate ourselves and this ministry to you, our Blessed Mother, under the title: Mary, Mother of God. We humbly seek your guidance and intercession, that this ministry would bear mighty fruit for the Kingdom of God. We pray that all your precious daughters will experience deep conversion, healing, reconciliation, and freedom through this ministry, along with a great appreciation for their feminine genius.

We beseech you, Mary, Mother of God,
that all mothers will be pierced with a profound desire to live Spirit filled lives.
May they grow in openness and sensitivity to the promptings of the Holy Spirit.
May your daughters everywhere see and believe the truth: that they are beloved, precious daughters of God. May they be strengthened in spirit, mind, and body to follow your example of total surrender to the Father’s perfect will.

Through this consecration, may our vision be brought to life:
Every woman untethered, living in the Freedom of Christ.
Every home alive in the Spirit.
Every child growing up in the Way, the Truth, and the Light.
Every family bearing great fruit for the Kingdom of God.

We pray for an outpouring of the gifts of the Holy Spirit unto this ministry and each member of our team. May we be ever-willing instruments at your hands, that God may be glorified and many may be set free! Amen!

Our Vision & Mission

Made New Vision

Every woman untethered, living in the Freedom of Christ.
Every home alive in the Spirit.
Every child growing up in the Way, the Truth, and the Light.
Every family bearing great fruit for the Kingdom of God.

Made New Mission

The Made New ministry exists to equip women, and in particular mothers, to live their lives attuned and courageously responsive to the promptings of the Holy Spirit.
Through prayers, writings, an online classroom, and regular face-to-face connection (using Instagram and Facebook Live), we share stories and inspiration to draw us each closer to Christ and to Mary, Mother of God.
Through personal coaching and Freedom retreats, we create experiences where love, connection and belonging lead us into deeper conversion, healing, and freedom.
Made New Team: Who are we?

De Yarrison

De is a coach, speaker, and women’s retreat facilitator. She is consistently awed at the presence and power of the Holy Spirit, and has witnessed many women being healed of their inner wounds and set free! The heart of her work is guiding women to live life led by the Holy Spirit, and to become deeply rooted in the mindset of Sufficiency. She offers coaching, insight, and experiences for women to cultivate resilience, self-compassion, and an unwavering trust in our incredible God. You’ll find her full bio here.

A note from De:

Way back into my childhood, I recall daydreaming about the Prince who would ride into my life, rescue me from my circumstances and fill me up in every way. I didn’t yet know that I was searching for my Savior.

When reality left its clues, time and again, that none of the men in my life was my savior, I was hurt and confused. In my naivety, I began to believe that maybe something was wrong with me or that I wasn’t good enough. I bought into the lies that told me how I was supposed to feel, think, be…

Our Lord finally got my attention, albeit through a series of adverse events in my life, and gently and slowly, He healed my wounds. He strengthened my spirit, taught me how to resist Satan’s lies, and firmly rooted me in the Truth of who I am – His beloved daughter.

Through speaking and coaching, I am privileged to journeying alongside other women, also searching for their Truth. It is my utter joy to guide women in the discovery that no matter how long we’ve believed that lie of the enemy and no matter how many mistakes or poor choices have been made, His loving arms are always open and waiting for our return. Rejoice!

Megan Gettinger

Megan is married to her best friend, Hank, and is the mama of 3 little ones: John, Catherine and Gio. She is a freelance writer, blogger, and works as a “house mom” at a maternity home. Megan has a heart for Goodness, Truth, and Beauty and loves exploring the many ways God shares Himself with us through everyday moments and interactions. In her free time she enjoys singing and having kitchen dance parties with the kids, collecting mind blowing quotes, sketching or painting, and drinking fresh coffee from one of her many (so, so many) inspirational mugs.

A note from Megan:

I think I have always had a deep sense of God’s abundant love for His daughters and the important gifts and mission He has entrusted to them. While this understanding has really made me aware of and empathetic toward the wounds and struggles of my sisters, it has taken a long time for it to sink in deep enough for me to see that I also need to be compassionate with myself (it’s still soaking in, in fact). I love my vocations of being a wife and a mother, but I’d be lying if I said they are easy. All too often I get caught up in all the things I’m not doing or the things I’m doing wrong, or I measure my worth by the world’s standards and always come up short.

Again and again God shows me that living in inadequacy and self-loathing is not His plan for me. Every time I shift my perspective, every time I remember to define myself according to His love for me I am amazed by the grace and strength I find. I have learned so much as we have worked on forming this website and ministry and I can’t wait to learn even more with you!

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