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The Power of Prayer

“The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I came that they may have life, and have it abundantly,” John 10:10. Of this I believe; of this I have seen.

I have seen the way the enemy is constantly on the prowl, looking for a weak spot in the armor of my soul. In the constant need to be vigilant and guard my precious soul from these attacks, the evil one is patient – oh so patient, just waiting for that moment when he senses that I am at my weakest and then he takes that opportunity to, once again, speak lies and untruths into my heart. What am I to do in these instances; in these times when I am so weak and seemingly unable to fight? I am to PRAY! I am to call out to the Heavenly Body and ask them to PRAY! I am to reach out to my friends, family, support system and ask them to PRAY! Oh, I have seen the power of prayer! I have been on both the receiving and the praying end of prayer and it is a powerful and essential gift given to us by our Bridegroom to move mountains!

Prayer is something that we are all capable of participating in, receiving, and benefitting from. Prayer does not take any special training, skill or talent. It can be a single word spoken in a whisper. It can be a deep cry from the heart, a conversation with the Father, a prayerful recitation of the Rosary, a novena or a litany. Our Bridegroom doesn’t have a criteria for prayer… He simply asks us to pray and keep connected to Him through that prayer. “For mental prayer, in my opinion, is nothing else than an intimate sharing between friends.” (Teresa of Avila).

We can pray for ourselves, for our families, for the needs of the world, for situations, for peace, for comfort, for help. Our Bridegroom tells us to “Ask and you shall receive.” But do we believe that? Do we really believe that our prayer has meaning; that our prayers are heard? At times, we may not think so, but what we must continually remember is that “His ways are not our ways.” What we define as needed or necessary or the solution may not always be what the Lord has in mind. He sees and knows everything… past, present and future and His plans are always perfect. We sometimes only see what is right in front of us. We have limited and earthly perspectives, but Our Lord has eschatological perspectives. His plan is always for our good and sometimes our prayer may need to be that He soften our hearts and open our minds so that we can conform our will to His, not His will to ours.

I’ve seen the Lord take what appeared in my eyes to be dead, and resurrect it into new life! I’ve seen the Lord bring good from what looked like the greatest evil. I’ve seen the Lord open hardened hearts and heal broken ones. I’ve seen the Lord take tragedy and turn it into a garden of love blooming for His glory. He truly makes all things new and I have come to understand that my prayers do not change the will of God… they change ME! They turn my stony heart into flesh; they turn my sadness into joy; they turn my fears into confidence in the One Who is in control. Prayer keeps me connected to Him, the One I can trust to give me the grace I need to continue in that space of prayer.

While it may not always seem easy to pray and we may not always know what to pray or even how to pray, I encourage you to simply do it. Throw away any expectations and thoughts about how it’s “supposed” to be done because there is no right or wrong way to pray… there is simply the doing of it! Speaking as one who knew nothing of prayer when I felt the desire to enter into full communion with the Church, I know that by putting myself out there and trusting that the Lord would lead me, I found friends and other women who showed me what it looked like to be a woman of prayer. I watched silently and prayed in my heart to grow in confidence and to be able to pray as the Lord desired and that prayer was received and answered and it continues to grow even today.

While we all have our own unique gifts and talents which the Lord has bestowed upon us, we each have a heart which yearns to be loved. It is that desire which keeps us connected to our Bridegroom through prayer. It is in prayer that we come to know not only Him, but who we are IN Him. Spend time daily in prayer. That time can be spent in whatever way speaks to you – in silence, in the reading of Scripture, in vocal prayer, in reciting written prayers, in quiet meditation on a scene or image or a word. Prayer is a personal and intimate opportunity to grow in connection and love of Our Bridegroom.

“His speech is most sweet, and he is altogether desirable. This is my beloved and this is my friend, O daughters of Jerusalem.” Song of Songs 5:16

Spend some time in prayer… your Beloved awaits your arrival!

Copyright 2024 – Nicky Verna

I am a daughter of the King and bride of Christ; Catholic wife to my deacon husband Tom and mother to our 4 children. I am the Director of the New Evangelization at St. Andrew the Apostle Parish; SoulCore leader & Regional Ambassador; Retreat Leader; AbbeyFest Board Member & Unbound prayer warrior. I love all things Catholic and have a heart for women's ministry. I am genuinely in love with Christ!

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