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Promised Morning

Arising in the last of dark’s covering over this new day, I peer upon the world outside my window, revealed by the white still blanketing the ground. And as on the fourth day of creation, when the Lord called upon the major light to end the hold of darkness, morning begins its dominion of the day and the look of the world transforms before me. In the silent rhythm repeated thousands and millions of days, the morning light comes into existence and all I see, I begin to see anew. Before the darkness yields, the very air begins to change. As this mystical movement increases, the silent transformation of darkness gives way to space. Trees and fields and hills now come into view, no longer hidden by the drapery of night. With each moment passing, the snow becomes whiter and the dark, black evergreens open to the green.

Upon the distant horizon, Brother Sun casts orange and pink in the eastern sky, awakening the clouds in colors of warmth. And then I see the hope of the Lord, as the sun beaks over the horizon, sending forth its rays to spill gold highlights upon the now brilliant white of ground. All quiet is this moment. A silent movement of transcendence upon all of the world before me. Each ray of light begins to seep into every creature touched. The warmth begins to wake the world and the birds sing of the awakening.

This is the last cold day of winter, for Sister Wind will travel from the south today and melt the clean white sheet upon the ground. Each day is promised to warm and will bring rains foretelling of Spring. The long cold winter is melting away. The golden light upon the ground announces the promised blessings of His Majesty. What will the Spring bring forth in me? Let me bloom Lord. Let the cold winter drive out every sadness and bitter memory. As a seed must die to sprout new life, let me die to self and be born in You anew. I wish to live in the golden promises of Your blessings announced in the gold upon the white. White, the color of promise, holding every other color within it. Gold, the color of the Divine. I want Your joy to fill and overflow within me. I surrender all I was and give to You all I am now, in hopes of all that You will make of me in the mornings ahead.

I love you Lord, help me to love you more. I need you Lord, help me to need you always. I want you Lord ever present within me, every movement before me. Every hope I ever held, may it be renewed in You. We are called to sing and dance revealing the Lord, and yet all He asks of me this day is Hope in Him. Hope in His promise of this new day. Let us all go into the new day as daughters of Hope. If He is for us, who can be against us?

My heart now calls to my beloved, “My beloved is mine, and I am His. He pastures his flock among the lillies. Before the dawn winds rises, before the shadows flee, return! Be my beloved, like a young stag on the mountain of the covenant.” As I reach for him, my heart opens to His call, “Come then my love, my lovely one come.”

Copyright 2021, a Daughter of Hope

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