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Keep Your Eyes on Me

“Eyes up, little one. Don’t get distracted, keep your eyes on Me.”

I have heard Jesus speaking these words to my heart so often these past few months. I don’t know about you, but I get distracted by so many things! Every news headline, every disruption to my plans, every uncertainty, vies for my attention and threatens to throw me into a tailspin of fear and anxiety. Every time I let something besides Jesus occupy my attention I lose my peace.

“Never be in a hurry; do everything quietly and in a calm spirit. Do not lose your inner peace for anything whatsoever, even if your whole world seems upset.” St. Francis de Sales

What is so beautiful is that we have a Savior who never tires of lovingly calling us back to Himself. When our minds and our hearts start to wander He draws us back with goodness, truth and beauty. We just have to surrender to Him and open ourselves up to be drawn into His peace, which the world cannot give, which surpasses all understanding.

“When I see that the burden is beyond my strength, I do not consider or analyze it or probe into it, but I run like a child to the Heart of Jesus and say only one word to Him: ‘You can do all things.’ And then I keep silent, because I know that Jesus Himself will intervene in the matter, and as for me, instead of tormenting myself, I use that time to love Him.” (Diary of St. Faustina, 1033)

Like little children learning to walk, we shakily stand and look to Him for reassurance. He is kneeling with arms outstretched, smiling in pure delight in our littleness, speaking words of blessing and encouragement, calling us to Him, one step at a time. We can eagerly take each step trusting that He is worth the risk, that He will catch us when we fall; knowing that if we keep our eyes on Him, it will all be ok.

Lord Jesus, our whole world seems upset, and I so easily lose my peace. Remind my heart today that Your peace is incomprehensible and that You have invited me to share in it if I keep my eyes on You. Come Holy Spirit, Comforter, come with Your peace. Father, as I lift my eyes and refocus on You I claim the truth that You are always speaking blessing over me and that You desire only good things for me. Amen.

Copyright 2020, Megan Gettinger

Megan is married to her very best friend and is the mama of 4 little ones (7 -1 year old). She is a founding team member of You Are Made New, a writer and artist, and the communications coordinator at her home parish in South Bend, IN. Megan has a passion for learning and sharing the Truth. She especially loves reading, writing and speaking on women’s role in the Church and the World, embracing the vocations of marriage and motherhood, and growth towards a fully integrated life. You can find her personal blog at

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