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Prayer of Rest in His Sacred Heart

Jesus, your Sacred Heart is the safe place where I can dwell with You. You call me to You by name and You have known me since the moment You drew me into creation. You love me – and everyone, but in a particular way, me – and that is the most important truth for me to know. Please help this truth to be sown deep within me and allow it to be what I cling to in times of unsettling worry and in times of great joy.

You call me to Yourself and as You draw me near and into Your open arms, I can settle on Your Sacred Heart. As I rest there with You, my heartbeat slows to match the calm and steady beat of Your heart. Your heart beats just for me! And the peace and tranquility it provides is like nothing else in this world. You help me to feel safe, grounded, and secure. With You, I know who I am. Your presence strengthens me to live only for You and Your glory. Help me to be both salt and light in this dark world.

Thank You for creating me in Your image and likeness. By Your love, You show me that I am worthy of giving and receiving love as well. May I never forget just how deeply You love me. Help me to face all that comes my way with Your guiding presence always with me. I will never be alone, and You will never leave me. This is deeply reassuring. You call me to you, and I answer back. In Your name, Amen.

We love because he first loved us. – 1 John 4:19

Sara lives in Maryland and is an artist who works in arts administration in a few locations around Maryland. Her art is both 2D/3D and made in a variety of media. It focuses on aspects of personal identity and seeks to make connections with various parts of the Catholic faith. She enjoys reading, writing, and getting to experience God's glory in nature- especially while viewing a sunrise or walking along a forest path. Check out her website to see her art:

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