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Prayer to the Bridegroom

Jesus, as Christ the Bridegroom, is a betrothed King; betrothed to His bride, the Church – the people of God. You and me. And He loves each one of us personally, intimately, and unconditionally. Christ the Bridegroom desires for each of us to open ourselves to receive the depth of His spousal love and to come to know Him as “Bridegroom.” It is in this context, that Laura shares the beautiful prayer below.

My Beloved Bridegroom,
Thank You for the gift of Your Love
and for inviting me to oneness with You
in a spousal relationship.
Today I make a free, total, and faithful
gift of myself to You as Your bride.
May God grant that by the help of His grace,
our love will continually bloom in fruitfulness.
May I grow in love of You, love of myself, love
of others, and in my understanding of spousal love.
I promise to honor and protect
God’s precious gift of my dignity
as His beloved daughter and Your pure bride.
I promise to be faithful to You, and to
open myself to graciously and gratefully
receive Your love.

Prayer by Laura Ercolino.

Download the prayer card here.
Purchase a digital print of Laura’s painting: “Christ the Bridegroom.”

De Yarrison

I am a wife, mother, coach, and women’s retreat facilitator. I feel incredibly grateful and humbled that God has entrusted me with the privilege of walking alongside His precious daughters. We come together to heal, break free, learn self-compassion, and cultivate an unshakeable faith in our amazing God!

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