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The Call of the Chosen Daughter

As Beloved and Chosen daughters of Christ the King, our calling is not dependent on our qualifications. The Lord does not call on the qualified. He qualifies those whom He calls on.

I’d like to bring this reminder to light for you, Chosen Sisters. We are at odds in a world that says otherwise.

A fellow Catholic writer on Twitter recently posted a comment that launched my heart into searching for the Truth and Light of what it means to be called. She had recently been questioned by a publisher on what qualified her to write about Catholic Theology. Her response was logical and surely represented everything she has been working so hard on to qualify her work; her degree in Theology of course!

I jumped to her defense. The question she had been asked is an insidious common tactic of the enemy to derail God’s will for our lives by planting a seed that asks “What gives you the right?”

Theologically, the answer to what qualifies one to write on theology is God. God gives her the right to write. God qualifies her. Whether she may or may not be qualified by worldly standards, she is qualified by Him first and last.

God chooses and calls the little and the humble to perform his work. Our enemy does not want us to answer the Lord’s call, so he has worked hard to make sure we judge ourselves and each other by successes and achievements and that we believe this lie.

But the Lord said to Samuel, “Do not consider his appearance or his height, for I have rejected him. The Lord does not look at the things people look at. People look at the outward appearance, but the Lord looks at the heart.” (1 Samuel 16:7)

My favorite Catholic writers are often those who “appear” least qualified. Saint Therese of Lisieux, Doctor of the Church, wrote her Autobiography, Story of A Soul, from her convent room. A little nun who coined The Little Way answered the call to the Lord. Nothing of worldly standards qualified her to write a book that would propel her to be a Doctor of the Church. She was not a PhD or a world traveler. Yet the Lord only cared about her heart. She had desired to be the smallest, most malleable instrument of His hands. She sought and traveled the intimate world of His love. He qualified her. He gave her the tools she needed to write His story. The Story of A Soul is about His Glory through a Beloved and Chosen daughter.  Our stories too are about His Glory.

What aspects of your life lead you to question your qualifications? Where has the enemy accused you of not being qualified? Reject those whispering lies today.

Most importantly, what is the Lord calling you to do as His Chosen Daughter? What Glory Story is He asking you to write? What “yes” do you ignore because the world says “no”? Seek inward to where He resides in your soul and focus on His tender voice.

What Glory Story is He asking you to write? What “yes” do you ignore because the world says “no”? Seek inward to where He resides in your soul and focus on His tender voice. Click To Tweet

These questions and searches require a lot of prayer and listening. We have to continually abandon ourselves to Him and become comfortable with beginning again every moment. Like children, we are easily distracted. However, we can have faith that while the enemy’s voice might be loud, the Holy Spirit’s Voice will always triumph with notes that speak life in your heart. He is burning to be glorified through you!

Let us pray: Lord, I desire to hear and answer your call. Do not let me stray from the Truth of who You say I am.

Let Him do the rest.

Copyright 2019, Kate Huhn

Kate resides on a small farm in the heart of Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. She is a mother to a budding artist and teaches children to love and care for their bodies, hearts, and each other. Kate experiences God’s light and tenderness in the beauty of nature, music, and the merciful hearts she meets along the way. Her soul thirsts to soar freely in the present moment of God’s will, trusting evermore in His love and goodness.

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