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The Greatest Victory Cry

Easter is the celebration of Christ’s victory over sin and death as He rises to give us new life. Before Jesus could rise that morning, He had to accept his Father’s will: suffering and death. As we continue our walk through Christ’s Passion this lenten season, we journey together like watch-women of the night, rallying our voices on the battlefield to declare earth’s greatest victory cry: It is finished!

The Bible says in John 19:30, “When he had received the drink, Jesus said, “It is finished.” With that, he bowed his head and gave up his spirit.”

Christ suffered and died in atonement for our sins and brokenness. He died to win our place as beloved daughters of God. His pierced side on the cross bore forth an endless ocean of merciful, healing love for our drinking. As Jesus prepared to take His last breath, He knew his divine mission had been accomplished yesterday, today, and forever.

Finished. Complete. Accomplished. Paid in full.


You may be walking with Christ right now on his journey to Calvary. I know I am. You may be suffering a trial in your life, carrying a cross on a seemingly endless road, stuck in the thick bramble and briars of sorrow. But He walked before you, and your trial has already been won. Like His walk to Calvary, your walk through this life is finite. Your crosses are finite. Not only will they meet an earthly end, they have been won and redeemed for infinite good. Let Him lighten your burden, because it is finished. Whatever it is that you are carrying today, cry out in assured victory: it is finished! It is redeemed for infinite good, infinite joy, infinite love.

This lent, I am trying to give up asking and searching for the whys to the sufferings in my life. Instead, I’ve been trying to ask how. How does God want me to carry my cross in this season of my life?

This lent, I am trying to give up asking and searching for the whys to the sufferings in my life. Instead, I’ve been trying to ask how. How does God want me to carry my cross in this season of my life? Click To Tweet

“Yet, not my will, but yours be done.” ~Luke 22:42

As long as we are on this side of heaven, we will not be free from suffering. A battle for our place as Beloved daughters of God will continue to rage. We must align ourselves to the paradox of fighting a won battle. In prayer and relationship with the Lord, He will reveal to us many ways we are to live out our battles; ways that are uniquely designed just for us. But there is one way he will ask us all to accept and carry our crosses. And that is with hope; the unshakable trust and assurance that the promises of God are fulfilled. Do you trust Jesus crying out his promise to you? Cry out with Him when you feel yourself buckling under the weight of this earthly life. It is finished! You are His victorious warrior for truth, clothed with infinite grace and strength for the battle.

Your place as the daughter of the King of all creation has been won for you now. Not after this life, but in every moment. Claim your seat and crown beside Him; it is His delight that you accept it. You are Beloved. Your debts, illnesses, trials, sins, addictions, and wounds have been paid. By His wounds you are healed.

I feel the earthly weight of my crosses everyday too. But I hear Christ calling me to detach more and live with Him beyond the gravity of both sin and earth. To live mystically where it is finished and infinite graces heal and nourish my battle-seared soul. He asks me to let go and trust so I may soar freely in His care. Our earthly crosses splinter in obedience to the shooting stars of The Divine Victory.

You are in the midst, you are standing in the middle of the battlefield. But Christ has covered every moment in time with His healing balm of mercy, and He has won the victory for you.  It is finished. We can carry on in our battles as light and bright as doves, because we have won. This is the Christian life, the eternal hope, a flock of innocent doves who rise out of the ash on the battlefield and claim their victory with Him.

Copyright 2019, Katherine Huhn

Kate resides on a small farm in the heart of Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. She is a mother to a budding artist and teaches children to love and care for their bodies, hearts, and each other. Kate experiences God’s light and tenderness in the beauty of nature, music, and the merciful hearts she meets along the way. Her soul thirsts to soar freely in the present moment of God’s will, trusting evermore in His love and goodness.

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  1. Kate, my Lambuddy! This is BEAUTIFUL! So right on in Truth, and written so poetically, with such tender beauty. <3+

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