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Warriors for Truth

Dear Sisters,

Since the dawn of this New Year 2019, I’ve been out slaying on the spiritual battleground. It’s been bitter cold out here, and the frost licks my muddy and raw hands. When I considered what to share in this month’s blog post, I felt a twinge of shame and self-doubt that I’m not yet through the mire, speaking from the other side where the sun has warmed my tears dry. When I considered those thoughts of shame and self-doubt, the Holy Spirit reminded me of my mission this year – To claim the eternal and blessed truth that I, and You, are Beloved Women of God.

While others may have celebrated the New Year year with laughter and joy, I was enduring another dark valley of conflict with a long-term trial. The timing brought me to my knees, and the vultures wanted a piece of my bleeding open wound. And so they began to peck at me with lies. The battle had begun again.

Part of my battle is training my thoughts and feelings to identify and reject anything that is not of the Lord. For me, thoughts and feelings of self-doubt and shame have been whispered so long in my ear, that they just felt a part of my truth. I’ve recently begun to learn that the accuser uses my wounds against me. To accuse and deceive me away from the truth that I am the Beloved.

As I’ve grown in my relationship with Christ and His Church, I’ve come to learn that these thoughts and feelings are lies designed for my demise. My new year’s resolution is to constantly bring these lies to the Lord and ask Him to wash His Spirit of truth over me. His truth is always peace and hope. His plans for me are good. Plans to give me hope, and a future.

And so as 2019 began with a freshly opened wound and the battle ensuing over my rightful place as His Beloved Daughter, I found His strength and Spirit telling me to fight. To persevere in claiming His truth and promises for me. I looked to my left and to my right, and there you were, warriors among me, fighting for your truth, and fighting for others too!

My community of sisters were claiming this truth with me. And that shame and that self-doubt? Obliterated by His light. You see, when I opened my wound up to Him, my ever-loving creator, the shame and self-doubt were blinded by His love and truth. No matter how many times a day we need to turn to Jesus, He will always be there to fight for us. On the battleground, take captive every thought, feeling, or wound, and bring it straight to Him. Surrender it to Him and ask Him to transform and heal it into His truth.

Sisters, warriors, I fight with you and for you too. The Lord transformed my apprehension to speak from the battleground by shining the Son’s light on you. He showed me that you, or surely a woman close to you, is on the battleground too. And this message is for you. Our wounds will not be obscured by lies any longer. With bold declaration, let us surrender our vulnerability to Him, and support one another with prayers and encouragement of His promises.

The Lord is so merciful, that every day is like a New Year. His mercies are new every morning! We can look forward at every moment to His abundant love and light to dry our tears, and win all of our battles.

Let us help each other, by being warriors for Truth. Let us pray for each other, for strength to boldly proclaim our place as Beloved Daughters.

For God has not given us a spirit of fear and timidity, but of power, love, and self-discipline. – 2 Timothy 1:7

Kate resides on a small farm in the heart of Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. She is a mother to a budding artist and teaches children to love and care for their bodies, hearts, and each other. Kate experiences God’s light and tenderness in the beauty of nature, music, and the merciful hearts she meets along the way. Her soul thirsts to soar freely in the present moment of God’s will, trusting evermore in His love and goodness.

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