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A Prayer to Change the Landscape

Lord, You are powerful; we praise you for that. So great and mighty are Your works! The Owner and Maker of all- You have given us everything we need to change the spiritual landscape.

And Lord, as we look at our world, we see devastation. Oppression. Abuse. Poverty. Bondage. Fear. Confusion. Survival. We recognize that these problems, as massive as they are, are manifestations of the real battle- the battle in the heavenly realms. So while we can’t reach into every isolated heart and fix those problems, we have been equipped with everything necessary to wage this war. We have access to strength and power to oppose the Destroyer, the Thief, the Liar, The Accuser.

Jesus, stop him in his tracks over the landscape; over this community; over the culture; over the church. By Your great power, bring healing. Bring comfort. Bring restoration. Bring humility. Bring justice.

Prince of Peace, the battle has been won! And we declare Hallelujah! For you are good and are working all things for good for those who love You. The defeat of our Enemy is certain. All the praise forever and ever belongs to Your Name. Amen.

Jo Leggett works in women’s ministry by leading Bible Studies, speaking at conferences, mentoring, and speaking Christ into women’s lives. She has a firm grasp on her own brokenness and that of the world, stirring compassion for those hurting. Her deep walk with the Lord has provided her life experience to recognize God’s enduring goodness despite the circumstances. She lives with her husband and four kids on the Navajo reservation.

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