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Be Still

When the details of life begin to overwhelm, no matter how desperately I try to maintain order.

When the chaos begins to swirl. Around… and over… and into…

When my heart feels unable to recognize the joy I clearly see in front of me.


Help me, Lord, to be still.


As the stars twinkle overhead.

While I lie alone with my thoughts.

As unwarranted, yet piercing, pains of inadequacy steal sleep and rest and well-deserved happiness.


Help me, Lord, to trust in you.


Whisper in my ear that you are in control.

Wrap your arms around me. Shelter me in your quiet. Instill in me your paternal peace.

Remind me that this is but a moment in time and one I need to embrace. The chaos. The storm. And all the great gifts you have given as part of this blessed life.


Help me, Lord, to let go. And to let you gently usher me down the path you long ago paved for me. Lead me to my destination, as I experience the ups and downs and uncertainties. Help me, Lord, to have faith in your divine Plan.


“Be still and know that I am God.” – Psalms 48:11

Karin Gaffney Christensen lives in Upstate New York with her husband, their three children, and a White German Shepherd. A cradle Catholic, Karin has been re-energized by her faith in her roles as wife, mother, and catechist for her parish’s second-graders. Despite the chaos often present in her busy life, she is determined to keep God front and center, and to help her family continue to grow in the Catholic faith.

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  1. Thank you……………… I am always fed spiritually by your ponderings, articles and gentle reminders to keep the Main thing, the Main Thing……………. Jesus Christ.

    Joyfully serving the Lord through Our Lady,

    Sharon Bellitto

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