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I Remember His Mercies

Heavenly Father,

Sometimes I forget the wonderful things you’ve done in my life. I get caught up in the daily grind of taking care of my home and family. At the end of the day, exhaustion takes over. But you remind me to muse often on your power and might, to seek you wholeheartedly. I ask that you help me do this every day, but especially today – to seek you without reservation, to rejoice in your majestic name, to recall the blessings you’ve bestowed on my life in an outpouring of grace. Foster in me today wonder and awe and a deeper sense of gratitude.


Glory in his holy name; let hearts that seek the Lord rejoice! Seek out the Lord and his might; constantly seek his face. Recall the wondrous deeds he has done… – Psalm 105:3-5

Jeannie Ewing

Jeannie Ewing is a Catholic spirituality writer who focuses on the topics of grief, redemptive suffering, and waiting. Her four books include a meditation journal, a devotional, and two books on the topic of discovering joy in the midst of grief and waiting with expectation. She is a frequent guest on Catholic radio and contributes to several online and print Catholic periodicals. For more information, please visit her website lovealonecreates.com.

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